July Journal Challenge

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July – eek!

*transparency warning: In order to avoid failure, I dodge challenges.

Hey, Y’all!

I have been easing my way into more and more creative endeavors as far as making covers and combining papers but I have also been trying to focus my creativity on my personal journals. Without pressuring myself, I would like to make an insert for a few life categories and make them on a monthly basis. I am beginning to get a feel of what I go to most and which category’s I will actually utilize.

What’s an insert?

This creative journey has led to discovering the perfect system combining journaling, memory keeping, and planning..and you can add many more – sketch paper insert, watercolor insert… Whatever you can think of, you can dedicate an insert to. My preference leans towards using scrap papers from other projects that are cut to size for a smaller sized insert – passport-sized, however, I also enjoy the room that the standard size offers. In search of “planner peace”, I have opted to make my own inserts. This allows me to make both sizes and over time make the decision to switch up sizes dependant on space needed for each category.

Revenge of Eve personal travelers notebooks

Top: made by Recollections Bottom: Prima Marketing Inc.

What system do I speak of? The Midori traveler’s notebook.

Travelers insert size chart - Revenge of Eve

Standard Size Chart for Midori Travelers notebook covers and inserts

Want to learn more about paper? Check out Let’s Talk Paper!

That’s the beauty of it all – everything about it is customizable.

The Challenge?

I am challenging myself to make inserts for the following life aspects:

  • Creative
  • Calendar
  • Writing
  • Memory Keeping

Here’s where the challenge comes in…I have to use them 😂 I want to have used each page in each insert. I will include seven sheets of paper which totals 15 pages. This will be my first time dividing my life up, creatively, but also assigning a set number of days to dedicate towards planning, memory keeping, journaling, and creative endeavors.

Surely I will be successful, right? To keep it interesting I have created 15 prompts to guide me. These will be chosen at random throughout the month. At the end of the month, I will share the results.

{Typing that heightened my anxiety. My fear of commitment is serious folks!!}


Revenge of Eve-July Journal Challenge

Proper Invitation

If this challenge interests you in any way and you would like to join, I’d personally like to invite you to do so. Use the prompts and make time to dedicate to yourself. There are no guidelines or rules to follow. If you would like to follow the prompts do so in your own creative way. You can use it as a photo guide, art guide, collage, mixed media, poetry… It will be SO interesting to see how others interpret July’s Journal Challenge.

So now that it is official, let me get to making my inserts!!! I’ll keep ya posted on my progress. Have a great weekend y’all!

Revenge of Eve

Revenge of Eve

So You Know + A Lil More Info..

Life & Relationships

First things first

A big congrats to Sneha’s Expression – For Women for taking home the 2019 Bloggers Bash Award for Personal Development Blog. You can check out all of the other winners on The Bloggers Bash Website. I would also like to say congratulations to all of those who were nominated. It takes a special person to go out of their way to nominate another blogger for an award and an equally as special blogger to be nominated.

Being nominated was the highlight of my 2019!!! Thank you all who nominated and or voted for R.O.E.


So You Know is a series that goes live each and every Monday (well 95% of the time). It’s a series intended to bring the reader closer to their favorite bloggers. To participate is simple.

  • Create a post on your site answering the week’s questions OR post your answers in the comment section below.
  • Create a pingback to this weeks version of S.Y.K. Don’t know how? Chat with me and I’ll walk you through it.
  • All that is asked: be honest 🙂

    This Weeks Questions

    1. Have you ever had a relationship with someone that you could not touch (Due to circumstance or distance)?
    2. If so, how did y’all meet?
    3. Do you believe a relationship can survive without physical touch?
    4. What types of relationships have surprised you (Close friend, brothers childhood friend, web friends)?
    5. If you have ever had an experience with a relationship that was not typical of dating methods, what made it different and how long did y’all last?

    My answers to last weeks questions

    1. How often, if ever, do you feel ruled by your emotions? Everyday!! Not a good thing. I am working on my emotional maturity, one day at a time.
    2. Does your mood decide your productivity level? I would have to say more so yes than no but not necessarily. Lol. Sometimes I can be in the best mood and not accomplish a damn thing but if I’m in a bad mood, count me out.
    3. Are you bipolar or do you have another behavioral diagnosis? Actually, I was recently misdiagnosed bipolar. There is a thin line that determines so and my addictive qualities were showing themselves resulting in a misdiagnosis. I am ADHD which makes the most sense to me as far as I am concerned.
    4. How do you respond to having a not-so-good day? (Sleep, cry, nothing). Depending on the severity. I can sleep for days or cry.
    5. If you could give your moods names, what would they be?

    -Anger: Ruth

    -Sadness: Sally

    -Joyful: Holly

    -Blah: Bertha

    -Excited: Candace ❤

    I Just Realized…

    R.O.E. Need To Know

    The Bloggers Bash Awards will be announced at 6 pm across the ocean!! Oh my! When is that here? That’s like soon maybe?!?!

    Revenge of eve- blogger bash

    Win or lose, I’ve already won! Simply being nominated was winning for me. So before the results are announced I would like to let y’all know I am forever grateful for your support and encouraging words. Y’all have fueled my journey.

    Revenge of Eve

    Finding my voice has never been a challenge. My delivery…a different story. When your internal voice is cruel, the tendency to portray what you mean can be easily misconstrued as abrasive. It may as well be but because of you, I have learned that speaking kindly to myself has the ability to change my whole perspective on life. I call that a win!!

    Thank you to each of you for every comment, like, email, donation, and follow. You can go to bed at night knowing that you have singlehandedly helped someone on their personal improvement journey and I hope to not let us down.!!..

    Revenge of Eve

    Working On Us. A Mental Health Question Series

    Mental Health & Recovery

    Last week I participated in Beckie’s mental health question series, Working on Us, and so as I am catching up for the week, I shall share my experience this week as well 🙂

    Here are the guidelines for Beckie’s new series:

    Each week I will ask a question or questions pertaining to mental health or I will even go as far as posting a photo prompt. Your job if you so choose to join along, is to write a post on your own blog, and creating a ping-back to the original post.

    🌻It is up to you the reader to decide if you want to write a non-fictional or fictional piece, poetry, short prose… Whatever you like and/or whatever you feel most comfortable doing. Whatever you choose to do, I will, therefore, reblog what you have written. This is one way to not only promote your site but also spread awareness to all things mental health related. 🌻

    As an added bonus… Since there are so many different mental health illnesses/disorders, YOU, the blogger can send me a comment as to what you would like to be the next question (s), and they will be addressed in future posts.

    🌻What is the reason behind the “Mental Health Prompt of “Working on Us” (?) It’s fairly simple actually. I’d like this series to be an all-inclusive mental health community blog in order to be a source of more support towards one another. Idea’s, suggestions, and advice can be shared amongst the group.🌻

    So, Are We Ready for Week# 2? I am going to start with two prompts. You can pick one or both, and again, you can choose how you want this to be written. Don’t forget to create a pingback to the original post, this way I can share with more people within the mental health community, as well as promote your blog site!

    🌻 Prompt #1

    What do you find to be the most challenging for you when it comes to your mental illness? (You can give an example and also a means on to how to cope).

    Yes there are two prompts but due to limited space I am choosing to opt out on this weeks photo option – sad, I know but gotta do what I gotta do…

    What I find most challenging

    Is being honest about it. Sometimes things spill out because they have been held in too long but for the most part, I chose to speak on a somewhat surface level about my “illnesses”. I haven’t yet announced it (I do not believe) but I was misdiagnosed as bipolar. This isn’t my psychiatrist’s fault rather my own. I did not disclose important aspects of my life causing the misdiagnosis. I can’t say that I am ashamed because I do not feel as though I am, I just try to challenge people. It’s stupid actually because if I am seeking help then you’d think… Yeah, I know. Weirdo!! I agree, however, I have turned a new leaf and my new therapist knows the deal. Sometimes I am afraid I will startle professionals with my thoughts and I do not want to say things that alarm them when it is only a thought. Do you know what I mean?? Being open and honest about symptoms and side effects have always been easier for me to share with strangers or those really close to me. Those in the middle, don’t matter so I just don’t elaborate. Of course, it is easy to share with my readers because we share a level of understanding that goes without saying – but by saying so we can connect and feel as though we are a part of. Well, for me it is.

    Check out Beckie’s challenge each Wednesday. We are only on the second week so you aren’t behind!! This is how we show our support. To participate is to compliment – or so it feels 🙂 I hope everyone enjoys there weekend!! Make sure you check back Monday for So You Know

    An Update On Life

    Life & Relationships, Mental Health & Recovery, Personal Growth & Goals

    Still here, just…

    Hey y’all! I’m still here just not as active. Ever since Kid was eight, I believe, her father and I rotate weeks during summer break. She was 11 (2013) when she went to live with him as her custodial parent, giving me more free time than I knew what to do with.

    With my sobriety date being 4-20-2015 those two years is a blur. From 2015-2017 I spent my days sleeping and my nights working as I adjusted to life as a mom without full custody. Hard doesn’t come close to describing such an adjustment. When I think about it, I have no clue what I did in my free time but if I’d have to guess it was absolutely nothing. When I picked up blogging mid-year 2017, I wondered why I hadn’t done so for years prior but oh how quickly I am reminded.

    We are on week three of summer and week two with Kid. It isn’t that she requires a lot as much as it is me wanting everything to be perfect for when she needs something. I try to accommodate her every move by limiting her movement – if that makes any sense. Basically, she sits back and I cater to her. Not because of her but because of me.

    I know many will say that me doing so only hinders her and I agree, buttttt… I am stopping!

    I bet you thought I was gonna say, “she’s my only”!! Tricked ya!

    Revenge of Eve

    It’s me!!

    All I want in life is for my child to be a kind, functional, impactful human being. All the rest, I could care less about. The reality of her being functional is for her to be able to do things independently and this includes feeding herself, managing chores, and maintaining her personal hygiene (mental and physical).

    Each week she is with me she is learning to cook two meals. Her chores are a work in progress more so on my behalf than hers. She needs to tweak her attention to detail and then she will be fine with that aspect. This summer she will see my therapist alone and with me so we can overcome any obstacles that will restrict further growth and she has signed up for a membership at the gym right up to the road from where I live. Gasp! When she returns to school she will be a senior and with that comes a lot of preparation and responsibility. To avoid excuses we are mapping out the year as well as meeting deadlines for college applications and scholarship/funding requirements. We are making her a Senior/College mini binder with monthly calendars that require something for college to be taken care each month. The purpose of this is to calm any anxiety and also to not miss out on an opportunity because she “forgot”.

    Alllll of that on top of her working, soccer training, and hanging with friends…shew!! And still…she impresses me. Her work ethic is legit, her attitude about readjusting [I shut down as a full-time mom because in my eyes someone else was fulfilling that role] isn’t bad at all and life seems to be falling in place.

    **It’s important I own my part and I am working through that with my therapist and will write a post once I process it**

    And as it falls into place, for what seems so natural to me and even her, ” my” time is once again limited but I will never complain about that.

    I know it is important not to submerge ourselves in roles but there is only a short period of time that she will be fully reliant upon me (and her father) so I will soak up all the time I can have with her trying to continue preparing her for the real world but also realizing that I cannot be replaced so there is no need for me to step down.

    Low self-esteem and lack of confidence show up in my everyday life and I am ready to tackle it head-on. I have never fully healed from the emotional and verbal abuse of my childhood and instead, I shut down. I have been learning to reflect my feeling through art but my low self-esteem hinders me from showing it and even worse, sharing it with the world.


    But with all of that said, the total number of visits to my site seem minuscule compared to what is brewing/being planted within myself. Like with everything come the downsides and that is me not being as active in reading the up to date news with each of you. I feel guilty that I have comments I have not responded to, YET…but I am also not allowing that guilt to consume me. It is important for me not to.

    Please know that I think of each of you daily. I remember your encouraging words when I need a boost and I am grateful you still visit my posts although at the moment I show little to no support. Keep in mind I am cheering y’all on but now, I am also rooting for me. Thank you for helping build me up to this point. A point to where I will need strength to rip off the bandages and sit with things I’ve never understood. There is so much to come to life from this moment forward and I can only hope that you will continue on with me through my journey.

    Revenge of Eve

    Revenge of Eve


    Mental Health & Recovery

    It’s Here!!

    So You Know is a fun, sometimes serious, series that airs each Monday with questions that bring the reader closer to their favorite bloggers.

    Participation is easy and it allows everyone to get to know you a little more each week.

    Rules? Oh, we don’t follow rules too well around here but if you follow these few, you’ll be in the safe zone.

    1. Create a post on your website answering the following questions.
    2. Or not…answer in the comment section. Either way is acceptable to me 🤓
    3. Pingback to this weeks post. Don’t know how? Ask me, it’s easy as pie.

    Can you handle that?? I hope so…

    1.2.3. Let’s go!

    So You Know- Revenge of Eve
    So You Know

    This week’s questions

    1. How often, if ever, do you feel ruled by your emotions?
    2. Does your mood decide your productivity level?
    3. Are you bipolar or do you have another behavioral diagnosis?
    4. How do you respond to having a not-so-good day? (Sleep, cry, nothing)
    5. If you could give your moods names, what would they be?






    -**** any additional mood you can think of:

    My response to last weeks S.Y.K

    • Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it? Besides blogging, I enjoy creating a variety of forms of art using paper.
    • How did you discover your interest in your hobby? While searching for tips on how to be a better blogger I stumbled upon this amazing world. I have always had a love of stationery and so I picked it up quickly. Not the techniques so much but the collecting, I have down pact! 😂
    • Do you find having a hobby helps with maintaining your mental wellness? How so? I’d say 95%, yes and 5% no. The five percent is only because of my tendency to compare and my perfectionism gets a run for its money!
    • Where do you find materials for staying active with your hobby? Everywhere. Everyday life, craft stores, book stores, estate sales, second hand stores….
    • Have you ever considered monetizing your hobby? Or if you already do, do you still enjoy it as a hobby? I have and do somewhat. Looking back I approached my interest in paper art all wrong. I decided I wanted to monetize it before I even made my first attempt at creating anything. Having done this blocked any creative ideas I may would have had otherwise. I have since pulled the reins on producing an income and focused all of my attention on the actual art of making as well as allowing the process to heal any pent up emotions that cause me to regress any chance they surface.
    revenge of eve-letter143


    Life & Relationships

    Revenge of Eve

    Having a curious mind

    tends to take my thoughts

    and press rewind.

    Among those thoughts

    are questions



    Some of which

    have consumed


    of my life.



    No answers.

    Detaching from my thoughts

    I find peace


    brought back

    to question

    Where am I to muster the strength

    to be

    what my daughter


    me to be

    when others break

    her heart?

    I have no


    to offer

    for saying it won’t happen


    would be a lie.

    And the



    When will this world heal?

    How can I protect my only

    from broken others?

    I can only

    beg and plead

    she not become

    as calloused as


    OMG!! I’m Not Sure I can Accept ‘Em

    R.O.E. Need To Know

    Exactly what the title says…

    On behalf of Revenge of Eve, I would like to apologize for the unsightly ads that are being plastered across, on top, and in between paragraphs.!!!

    I understand having a free site comes with less than desirable options but couldn’t they limit the horrendous display of hairy fuck’n legs advertising heart attack prescription medication?

    Seriously, Word Press??? You have got to do better!!

    Are you aware you have stiff competition?? While you are at #1 it doesn’t last if you continue to sneak in costs, take over someones aesthetically designed work with ads that have nothing in common with the sites purpose – Not much else for me to say except I apologize to my followers for not managing my finances well but as you know, I am a work in progress.
    Revenge of Eve