Revenge of Eve


Graphics for Revenge of Eve
Full moon Revenge of Eve
Wolf moon

Use tonight’s powerful lunar eclipse full moon phase to your advantage. Release any ties to patterns and behaviors that no longer serve the you, you are growing. Nurture your truth and recognize your demons. Acknowledge them and leave them be.

Nourish the voice that cries for your attention. She’s innocent and requires your validation. It’s time she play. It will mend her broken, stabilize her insecurities, and open her world. Free her from fear. Let 2020 be full of firsts.

Actions speak louder than words. Coax her from her safe spot. Prove to her that you no longer want to punish her. She did as she knew.

Set free all toxic thoughts and harmful self-talk. Be free. It’s safe, despite bad days, you are not at fault. You no longer have to operate as a part. Evolve to your true field of energy. You are powerful!

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