Revenge of Eve

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  1. I can relate so strongly. I suspect my house reeks of pet urine, because sometimes Big Woof can’t hold it when we’re all asleep; and then there’s the stinky kitchen trash areas, because Mr. Kitty never eats all his fillets, which get thrown away. I’d hate to think of a friend who’d tell others, “Her house stank.” This is very well-written and relatable!! Great job!

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    1. Thanks, Meg. Two solutions: have a small trash can right outside of the door for the uneaten filets. And for the urine: at Home Depot, not Lowes, they have a product called Odor Ban. It is a gallon container, it’s concentrated, and amazing for $10-$12. In a spray bottle fill 1/4 of the bottle with Odor Ban, fill with water. Each time you clean up the pee, use the bottle to clean with as this is a disinfectant as well. The solution can be used to spray couches, beds, etc. You can also use it in your mop water. This stuff is hands down the most amazing product for pet owners. ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜ I’m sure it can be purchased online as well.

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      1. Thanks, those are great tips! I may have to get some Odor Ban. I just now shoved the floor rug into the washing machine, and it just barely fit. The washing machine is probably overflowing bubbly as we speak. (It’ll vent down the drain, so it’s no huge deal.) Your kitty fillets idea is brilliant. Like a trash can on the front porch, or the back stoop? That’s genius! Oh my gosh, thanks!

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      1. Because you are amazing. Wait until you see this book I spent a month making. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ A custom order I am grateful for because it made a decision for me; never again!! Lol. It turned out beautiful but if I do another like it, it will be my own.


  2. I’ve had to teach my partner over the years as he was so blunt in the beginning i.e. he said to his sister ‘Crikey, why have you put that awful wallpaper up?’ when she’s just finished decorating!!! I’d said that if he was actually in the shop with her, he could have suggested perhaps something different. But not once the room was decorated!!

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