Revenge of Eve

And I speak…*edited

What purpose does balance serve when others impact your life?

Just as things seem ideal, others insert strife.

They speak in terms of wrong and right yet act entitled that they choose to be in your life.

I ask for no favors and only give from the heart.

Shouldn’t that be where balance start?

I set no expectations and encourage with words of support.

Why is it myself I contort?

Not to fit in their box per se rather make room in a fragile heart. No one takes into consideration, that part.

It is suggested to come from a place of love and so I try and try again.

I accept the most bizarre of characteristics,

only to be blamed for the delusional thoughts others amass.

There I stand, made to look an ass.


sad vultures,

there’s nothing left of me to expose.

And you,

I dispose.

Egoic intentions fuel your resentments,

for you,

I never mention.

You see, I am what you are to me.

Perceive that how you see.

Waste time on you?

I think not.

There is no competition when it comes to dissonance. Go-ahead and look that up.

Did you even know how to read?

That’s what my ego would say if it were allowed to speak freely.

There is one thing I must let be known. In this world, I stand alone.

There is only one spot on this throne.

My child, the only I choose.

You can’t push on a bruise and expect attention from a person who thrives on pain.

It’s obvious, from you, I stand nothing to gain.

My public service announcement will continue to grow louder until all of you fuckers silence your chatter

Entertain you?

I don’t dare flatter,


because to me,

you never mattered.

**I am ashamed at the first published version of this spewing of rage and so I edited it to free it from this cage

9 replies to “And I speak…*edited

    1. Oh my, no, Meg. Seriously? I don’t even keep record of them, edit half of them, or reread them once I’ve published them because when I do, I try to change my voice, alter my core opinions, and fit someone else’s mold. I mostly write “poetry” when I can not speak on behalf of the behavior of our species. I have my own style for it, for sure but not the confidence to considered it worthy of truly publishing…hell barely proofreading. And thank you for always being generous with your kindness. I apologize for the abrasive comment toward that confused man on your page but I wasn’t gonna let that one slide. 😞

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s quite all right! I’m glad you weren’t mad at me, because I feel guilty for trashing people in wheelchairs, for crying out loud. Geez, Meg!! [Rolling my eyes at myself.]

        Oh, I know what you mean about trying to fit the mold with your writing! I can relate! I’ve never gotten published-published, but there’s a sense of trying to pander to the marketplace or to agents that doesn’t sit well with me. ‘Cause, like, you’ve got to be true to yourself first and foremost, and I’d never be able to write wholly without doing that. 😮

        You could self-publish, though, without fitting any molds! Just keep in mind that there are never many sales, business is always down, and people might leave unkind reviews… but it’s all about the glory!!

        Liked by 2 people

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