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So You Know!

Well, hello folks and welcome back to R.O.E.’s question series. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had one but we can just pick right on up where we left off🙂

If you are new to So You Know, I’ll give you a quick run down.

So You Know is a series of question intended to bring readers closer to the personal lives of their favorite bloggers. By following a few simple rules you to can give your reader insight into your life.

  • Create a post or answer the questions in the comments.
  • Create a pingback to this post. Don’t know how? Chat with me and I’ll explain how to do so. It’s easy!!
  • Answer the questions honestly

See? Easy, huh?

  1. Do you feel confident in expressing how you feel about particular things? Example: sharing your opinion or protecting your boundaries
  2. Do you have someone who holds all of your life’s secrets or do you keep everything to yourself?
  3. What is the one quality you look for in a friend?
  4. What is the one quality you possess that you are most fond of in others?
  5. List five words you would use to describe yourself. Only five words.
Revenge of Eve

My answers to the last S.Y.K.

  1. Do you take a vacation during the summer months? If so, what amount of time do you travel (days, weeks)? My daughter and I make a point to attend a music festival each year. The length of stay varies but up to one week.
  2. Do you meet up with family or friends at the destination? Each year in September the women of my family vacation in Florida for a week but I haven’t attended in a few years.
  3. What has been your favorite destination spot? I enjoy Florida but I love Arkansas.
  4. What has been your worst traveling experience? When I was four months pregnant I was flying to Utah and before loading on the plane I needed something to eat but my debt card would not process the transaction. I was sick the whole plane trip.
  5. If you do not travel each summer, what do you do to escape your reality? What’s reality? Lol

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