Revenge of Eve


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It is Official

It is the last weekend of summer vacation, for the last time ๐Ÿ™

My daughter starts her senior year in five days!! Wow! It hasn’t quite registered that 13 years of schooling will soon come to an end but waking this morning the thought hit me.

I mean we look forward to these days, right? I have almost made the decision to leave this area when my daughter graduates and writing this makes it seem as though I need to make the decision. Not permanently rather explore and be wowed. I need to stand on the edge of a volcano, next to a waterfall, or count the stars from the desert. I am restless. Bored and starved of inspiration.

Official Revenge of Eve

But before I think about any of that, I must make sure to take each day, from the first day of school to the last, to be present with my daughter. Recovery is a wonderful thing but it doesn’t give back the days you lost while actively using. I knew when I had my daughter that she was it for me and instead of absorbing every milestone, we cheered and moved on to the next. Accomplishment after accomplishment checked off making each a distant memory. There are things I wish I had made a bigger deal and of course, the opposite is true. My goddaughter starts kindergarten this year and that really brings all of this into perspective. My child will soon (February) be an official adult.

She has always been treated as a person, never a child and that makes me wonder if that was the right approach. How much of a childhood did she really have? Does she appreciate that we’ve always respected her as an individual? Should we have done more to make sure she wasn’t too mature?

There are so many unanswered questions but from looking at the way she carries herself, presents herself, makes decisions, and respects herself, I must say, we (our family village), did some things right. Sure she is a little lazy, some days entitled, and other days moody but for the most part, she’s a decent, kind, compassionate, and persistent young lady.

But annnnywayyyys!

I finally got around to editing my site icon. Whatcha think about? Personally, I’m dig’n it.

I will end this note with please be kind to yourself today. You deserve the finest pleasures and joy just as much as the next guy. I love you and really, that’s enough for a few people!!

Be Kind to Yourself


21 replies to “Officially…

  1. Sweet logo! Did you happen to try putting the establish date in a letter? Like in the foot of the stem of the R. No big deal, I was just curious! I am now 1 year removed from my daughter graduating. I can talk circles about trying to make up lost time, but I won’t because I tried and you really can’t. But I do make every day a new day and see if I can’t make something new happen, especially with the kids!

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    1. Thanks!!! Would I only put the year or do you suggest keeping the est also?? That may look cool going down vertically. Hmmm. I will play around with it more Sunday.

      Yeah, no getting time back so I plan on doing my damnedest to stay in the present moment because I waste too much time planning for what’s next that I miss what is planned!! The struggle is real!!

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      1. You bet. I first thought the revenge in that leg of the R would look cool too. But Iโ€™m not sure. I would keep the est. otherwise it could be confusing as to what itโ€™s in ref to

        I feel you. Itโ€™s one of the reasons why I left a job that I absolutely loved after 21 years to do another that Iโ€™m not as comfortable with BUT allows me to have more family time. I actually got pretty bitter when my daughter graduated and I realized I missed her and her brothers growing up because of what I expected needed to be done at work.

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      2. I can see how that can happen but hey, you were able to acknowledge it and better, adjust. We are pretty resilient.

        I’ve been packaging the giveaway stuff and I am excited to send everyone their goodies. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you’ll like your hat.

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