Revenge of Eve

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      1. I think I will start trying to reach out and take y’all up on your offers by emailing someone when I am having a difficult time. I think that will help me a lot and also help break me of the idea that my struggles need to remain silent. I truly need to do something different.

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      2. If ever you email me, pleae give me a warning here so I know to go there. LOL!
        Please don’t remain silent… Suppressing really makes things that much harder. That’s why I’m trying to find things to make me have a good cry. I figure if I broke down really hard, I’ll feel better.
        Note: this is not a science, but sometimes it works.

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      3. Lol. Well, your formula has been tested. Supressing is something I am professional at and crying..ugh, it helps but it bothers me. I was raised to not show emotion because it is a sign of weakness and while I know this isn’t true, it is still my response. I am working on it.

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      4. I’m so terribly sorry you have all this within you. I truly wish I could take it all away from you, but I too, am really have a rough go at it lately. In fact, I think many of us are dealing with something… Haven’t quite read too many blogs where someone is in a good frame of mind.


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