Revenge of Eve


revenge of eve

Waging War

Her words

her ammo.


her battle.

Branding her

war’s cattle.

The depth of


sear her soul.

Armor so heavy,

slicing her






a second


A woman


to war,

as society

cast stones.

Fatigue she wears

to honor



She fight

to earn a spot.

To hold her space

in this

fucked up


14 replies to “5.19.19

      1. I’m so sorry Sweetie! Same here. I finally broke down and went to the doctors this week too. Because of my allergies, I developed an inflammation of the mastoid/malleus inner ear. Still using the drops twice a day, and taking antibiotics.
        I’m feeling a lot better than I had in the beginning and most of the week, but it took me to almost pass out from dizziness to go to the doctors.
        I sincerely hope you get better soon. 💗
        Out of curiosity, have you written your piece for Ashley’s new book?
        I just started today, but trying to keep it low ball. I was going to ask her if I should provide a picture as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I had typed a reply and guess I got busy because it isn’t here. She sent out two emails with suggestions and her ideas of it all, do you want me to forward them to you? I saved them. I have it on my calendar to begin June 1st. I wanted to start of the month with an outline of my projects and hers is first on my little list.

        I’m glad you finally went to the doctor lady. Gotta take care of yourself. As much as I am bothered by the time wasted waiting, I went too. I was up all night from the steroids and just waking and I don’t feel so hot but I haven’t taken my meds yet. I hope you are feeling better. 💕

        Liked by 1 person

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