Revenge of Eve

So You Know

Revenge of Eve

So You Know

S.Y.K. gives an insider look at our personal opinions about everyday life. It challenges us to speak our opinion when asked because half the time, we aren’t even asked yet we vomit it up (eeeewwwwee) 🙂 The questions asked are random questions usually prompted by things I see occurring often or things that keep showing up in my life. To answer them is not to debate them rather participate and… well, share your opinion on certain subjects.

So You Know
So You Know

Never participated?? No problemo. Simple and easy to follow instructions————- answer the questions!! I’m a bit of a smartass today, aren’t I? But seriously…

Create a post on your site answering the following questions OR post your answers in the comments. If you publish a post, pingback to any S.Y.K post. Badabingbadabom! And that’s it folks…

As for my answers, I post them with the new set of questions, the following week, except last week we didn’t do S.Y.K. because I had stuff going on-my bad and I posted about stationery so, yeah.

  • How was your weekend? Honestly.
  • Describe the clothes you are wearing now. Is this your normal Monday attire?
  • Do you work a 9-5 job?
  • Who do you look like, your Ma or your dad?

Now if this is your first go-round of S.Y.K., don’t let this week’s questions fool you. We normally get pretty deep or I do…bahahahaha

Thanks for dropping by and please, say hi. Have a wonderful Monday and if you are struggling, always know I am struggling (mentally) more 😦 Jk…know that I love you 😉

Revenge of Eve

12 replies to “So You Know

  1. My weekend as been fairly good until today where I struggled with motivation because of being tired. But it’s still a productive day, as I finish off painting my kitchen. I hope to have the remainder of the day relaxing with a new book I bought.

    I don’t have any particular set of clothing, for my usual day, but today, as I am painting, I am not in my best clothes.

    I only have a part-time job in the evenings of 16 hours per week, but I hope to have more hours in a morning. That’s if when I do apply for jobs, that someone just take me on.

    I have my mum’s smile and people who don’t know me and mum guess correctly that I am daughter, with my mum because they notice the resemblance of our smiles.

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  2. My weekend was ok. I didn’t get out Saturday and it was so nice and sunny. I did start a new crochet class, so at least I got out on Sunday.

    I’m currently wearing pajamas, which is my normal Monday attire if I don’t have to be anywhere! Which I don’t, today.

    I do not work a 9 to 5 job. I am on disability and consider writing as my work. It doesn’t pay, but it’s something to do.

    I think I look like my dad. I would die if anyone told me that I look like my mom. We did not get along.

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