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I Am Not Satisfied with the Lack of Suggestions (repost)

Time is running out!!!

Yo, Yo, Yo…

Quick Question. I know that I will donate a set percentage of my sales to a charity every month. Then I got to thinking that it would be better for me to reach out to ya’ll and ya’ll could give me your preference and help spread the word. There may be smaller, more personal to you charities that you would love to see a monthly donation go to and I would love to do so!!!

Here’s what needs to go down

The charity must benefit the mental health community.

The organizer of the charity cannot make any money off of the charity for personal gain or for employment (they cannot receive a check from the charity funds).

The charity can provide funding, assistance, therapy, education, or entertainment for those with mental illness, ie group gatherings/movie meetups, no matter the foundation reason, if the mental health community is involved in a positive manner, I will consider the charity.

Pretty simple qualifications if you ask me.

So here’s whatcha do next….

Share!! Share this post on the platforms you interact on so hopefully someone you know can mention a charity close to their heart.

Next, drop your favorite charity in the comments and tell why you choose them with a brief description of their mission.

If you share on platforms outside of WordPress, make sure to have a link to this post or my website so I can receive their suggestions. This is not a ploy to gain more followers. I am 100% please with the amount of followers I have and I wouldn’t be upset if I never gained another. What this is, however, is a way to share the love among the community I was welcomed into just for being myself.

I am also thinking about speaking with whomever, within the charity, about displaying a link on my site where donations can be accepted anytime.

I haven’t yet determined the percentage but I will share that in theGarden, a bi-monthly newsletter, once I have made the decision. I will also be sharing some exciting news very soon so if you do not want to miss out, subscribe 🙂 (now that…that’s a shameless ploy to get you to subscribe – teehee)

How will I decide?

After narrowing it down by process of elimination, if a charity does not meet the qualifications, (I will do my research) then the remainder will be tossed into a hat and I will let my daughter draw the winner!!

I can’t wait to read everyone’s suggestion. In fact, the first donation will be made in your name! How about that? I will set a date to draw. Let’s say March 20th, the first day of spring. Sound good? I will donate to the winning charity for one year, each month, 12 donations. But I have to research the ones suggested, which will take some time depending on the number of suggestions… so I will not accept comments after 12:00 midnight on March 17th, St.Patrick’s day (central U.S. time).

I will contact the commenter who entered winning charity when the first donation is made.

22 replies to “I Am Not Satisfied with the Lack of Suggestions (repost)

  1. One charity I support is called Sheltering Books. I’ll submit it! They gather and distribute books to homeless shelters, hospitals, residential treatment facilities, and so forth. (That’s the “mental health” aspect–some of their books benefit people in mental hospitals or teens in residential treatment facilities.) Thanks!! YAY!


  2. Good evening, Candace 🙂 Living in Canada, I doubt you would choose a charity from here, and I don’t really know charities in the US that well… But since you blog about anxiety and mental issues, I thought that a help line dealing with suicidal people would be a great pick. I know for a fact that these people make a huge difference in the lives of many, and provide help for people who have lost all hope. I don’t know what you’ll think about it… but that would be my choice 🙂

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    1. I never thought of that. Do they accept donations? I know there are a few lines and I would love to be a part of something that helps in any form. Thank you Cyranny. I will look into the helplines today and see what the deal is.

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    1. Yes!! I collect all sorts of things, household, and clothes, and donate them to our local women’s shelter. I drop a box or 6 each month. Thank you for your suggestion Candice. I appreciate all the extra mind’s helping me with ideas.

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  3. Such a nice idea Candace. I don’t have any particular charities in mind but NorCal has a small city called Guerneville where I was raised that flooded terribly this year, many people losing everything the own. and is in need of recovery efforts. It’s the coolest most beautiful little town with a significant history for the 🏳️‍🌈 community and its historical park Armstrong Woods.

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    1. Hearing this makes my heart sad. I do collect household things and clothes to give each month to my local women’s shelter and it makes me wonder how I could get some material items sent that way without costing me an arm and a leg. I will add them to the list for me to check out. Thanks, Amy.

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      1. I agree. I may not have the largest following but I at least have upwards of 25 interactive followers and so I see that as 25 more than myself that I can spread the word to. When I first posted this it wasn’t seen by many but with this repost, multiple people have shared. I love hearing of charities that aid humanity but I must admit I am partial to the mental health community. ❤. Victims of natural disaster experience such a devastating loss it is hard to fathom. I have witnessed the tragic results of a natural disaster (Katrina) and I hope to never again.

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      2. Katrina. Wow. That’s so rough. A good deal of my family lost their homes in the NorCal tubbs fire in October 2017. My house was evacuated as well. We didn’t know if our home was spared for half a day. It thankfully was but It was harrowing. But the hardest part was watching my family and friends lose everything they owned, mourn and overcome their loses. They are still rebuilding their homes 2 years later. It’s incredibly emotional. I think there’s definitely need of mental health outreach for disaster victims.

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