Revenge of Eve

Take Five

R.O.E. Need To Know

Taking Care of Me!

I have decided to take care of me. It is something new to me and I will start by taking a well-needed break from blogging.

Revenge of Eve

I need to rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul. By default, I am a workaholic and my needs are often put on the back burner. I have come to learn the importance of self-care also being taught crisis doesn’t have to be the reason for me to do so….

Revenge of Eve

I always say that it is from our pain we learn lessons and for the first time in my life, I am going to stop before it reaches the point of pain. It has nothing directly to do with blogging. It is all me and the way I push and push until I break. I am tired of breaking. So…

It is. I will be available for contact but as far as producing content worthy of reading, I will be out of commission.

Revenge of Eve

15 thoughts on “Take Five

  1. Candace, I admire you for taking a break in order to fulfill your need for self-care. Although I will miss you, I realize that you do come first. Hey, we all need to do it.
    If ever you just want to chat, please make sure you send me an e-mail. I’m always here for you! 😊 💗

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  2. I’m glad that you notice that you need to take a break. Sometimes, it’s hard to see what is right is front of us. And by the time we do, it’s too late. I’m proud of you. The community will be here when you are ready to return.

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