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So You Know
So You Know

It’s good you chose today to stop by because this week’s challenge is meant to bring laughter so keep that in mind when you participate…if you participate…please just participate!!

I’m in the mood to laugh so I believe I will go ahead and play along this week by answering today’s questions in today’s post!! How about that??

I bet you think I forgot like last week… Tricked ya!! I just decided to try posting at a different time. So, let’s review:

Update*  the editor was acting cray-zzzz yesterday and I could not complete specific parts of this weeks challenge.  I apologize for the delay in posting*

I like to keep it pretty simple around here and here are a few things to keep in mind while participating:

  • There are no right or wrong answers… Your answers = Your opinion = Your life
  • Answer a few or one, whatever you are comfortable with
  • Pingback to any S.Y.K. post
  • Use the hashtag #SYK to tag your post
  • Be real. If you feel a certain type of way, say it. You were asked your opinion (double dog dare)

Extra info.

  • A number of questions will be asked. At least 1, no more than 5.
  • Questions will range in subject from cherries to prostitution.
  • Participation will consist of you creating a post on your website, listing the questions and responding.
  • Pingback to any SYK post
revenge of eve

  • Have you ever wet your pants or the bed as an adult?  Ages 18- current age?  I used to sleepwalk and… yupp, it involved using the restroom except I always got lost on my way to the bathroom and would end up having to go so bad that I would just go where I stood.  Whether it was in a laundry basket, my bedroom floor (thank God we had hardwood floors), a corner in room and I even tried to do so in a crisper drawer of the refrigerator!!!!  Isn’t this the craziest thing you’ve ever heard??? In my defense, it started when I was a young child but it got worse when I was drinking.  Needless to say, I haven’t had an “episode” in almost four years and for that I am grateful.  hahahahaha

  • Who is your all-time favorite comedian?  How would you describe the style of comedy you enjoy? I would probably have to say, David Spade.  I think I heard of some bad allegations against him here recently and that is a shame but regardless I find him hilarious!  I consider his style to be a dry, honest, cold style of comedy.  This kind of comedy can’t be argued and that is what makes it so funny.  Basically, it is the truth delivered in a comical format.  There is no denying the talent out there and I enjoy many comedians who have a variety of styles but if I had to choose one, it would be him.  Jo Coy is another that I love to watch and cannot resist snorting because I am laughing so hard.

  • Do you and your friends and/or family have a funny person in your circle?  Luckily, yes!!  My uncle is actually a magician and a comedian.  I used to have different characters I would play when we were growing up.  My brother and sister would laugh and laugh at me.  Of course, I would never do it in front of anyone else but still to this day my sister brings up Ethel (my real old lady character).  Anytime I am around my sister all we do is laugh.  She is the person I laugh with the most.
  • Are you good at telling jokes?  Not at all!  The problem for me is that I am too logical and sadly, I rarely ever “get it” -the punchline.

Last weeks question and my answer:

Who are you? And who are you not?

Well, I am not exactly sure.  This year began a journey of self-discovery.  I have an idea but I will revisit this question when I can answer with certainty.

I am not a thief, a social person, a follower, or a hypocrite.

Did you participate last week?
Be honest:
Do you like this series?
I appreciate all the feedback I can get.
Thanks y’all!Revenge of Eve

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