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A Look at What Went Down in Feburary

A Look At What Went Down in February

If I had to give you a visual representation of what achieving my goals for February, looked like, this would be it…

There was absolutely zero structure to my month with the exception of a work schedule. I am in desperate need of an assistant or a life coach.  I’ve come to this conclusion as I look about my studio and see millions (not literally) of unfinished projects. 

It feels as though setting any goals for the month never happened but it did.  Not as lofty as January goals and not any really achieved.  I somewhat reminded myself to take a look at what goals I had set mid-month but apparently, I never looked back.  Thankfully I only set one goal for the month and it was to move closer toward my ultimate goal of defining myself.

So…what did I do?

I refuse to beat myself up over maintaining a strict rule in regards to goal setting.  But I will admit I have missed writing a gratitude list each morning and so I begin this again this morning.  For no reason, in particular, I stopped writing one each morning.

I did, however, make an eye appointment.  I will make do with a free pair of glasses that I am offered to receive each year.  Usually, I opt to purchase using the $100 credit but this time I will not go over.  I cannot afford too at the moment.  The last pair I purchased was $300 over the allotted one hundred 😮 They are nice and still in tack.

Last minute I decided to honor my daughter by using the month of February to celebrate her. For all intent and purposes, it went well but I expect to be more prepared for next February.  I will make this a tradition here on R.O.E. and each year I will add a creative touch to it so it isn’t just her life story repeated. 

Surprisingly I struggled with finding the words for a months worth of posts but I made do with a few.  She began her track season this month and has taken a break from soccer.   I think she will benefit from the break.

I introduced a new series this month, Letter143, that I am excited to have launched.  Anytime you see a post titled using the date, it belongs in the Letter143 category.  I have wanted to do something like this for a while so I am excited for it to finally have its place.

The festivities of Mardi Gras are almost over and where I never wanted them to end before, I cannot wait for them to now.  It is mass crowds full of drunks who are looking for a fight.  This used to be my favorite time of year but with my newfound love of solitude, I could do without. 

All in all, February was decent.  I can’t complain.  I have a roof over my head, a job; two actually, food in my belly and love in my heart.   How about you?  How was your second month of 2019? 

A Look At What Went Down in February

Quick Recap of February 2019 Posts

There were more posts than I realized but hands down the most exciting thing to happen were being nominated for a big deal bloggers award.  No one has claimed to have submitted my nomination but I think I may have a good idea who it is ❤

We changed our 2019 Challenge to something more along the lines in ROEland,  S.Y.K. (so you know) with the idea to bring the reader closer to their favorite bloggers.  It is simple to participate and never will there be more than 5 questions.

You can find all of the S.Y.K posts here:



Posts to my daughter:

From Conception through Toddler


All of My Days

Your Intro into the World

I have already discussed Letter143 and those posts can be found here.

A few random post made their way onto the screen but that about wraps up February, 2019. Easy, Breezy…CoverGirl Easy…bahahahahaha

Peace Out ~

8 replies to “A Look at What Went Down in Feburary

    1. Good look’n out. You are the best accountability partner ever. You encourage me to see it from a different perspective and what better than a mental health nurses perspective. Where have you been my whole life? That makes me feel a little better so now I can approach it differently.

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      1. I agree and slowly realize this to be true. While I have lessened my desire to achieve perfection, my actions still want to lead me towards it-although it doesn’t exist. I truly don’t know how I was able to see things from a realistic perspective before I began receiving advice from ya’ll. Perhaps that is why I was in so much pain.

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