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An Introduction

Presenting-An Introduction-Revenge of Eve

Heyyy Youuu Guys!!

Welcome back to the second edition of An Introduction. As categories are added to Revenge of Eve, I like to take the time to detail them although most of them are self-explanatory.

If you are new to these parts, welcome.

You have stumbled upon An Unconventional Lifestyle blog where we discuss a variety of topics. The first edition of An Introduction listed six categories. My initial goal was to have only four total… I have since extended it to max, 10. Definitely no more than that, preferably 8 but ya know, 10 is a possibility.

Let’s catch up on the newest categories/subjects that will be discussed here on R.O.E.

Life & Relationships

These post will discuss my many curiosities about life and… ahem, relationships. I will also share my personal life in this category. Oh, wait. I do that in every post. Haha.

Perhaps these post will be more intimate. I’ve not ever been married, I have one child and a relatively small family.

My fam will be referred to as:

Ma– my mother

The Others– brother and sister

SIL-sister in law

Kid– my daughter

and The Littles– my niece and nephew.

We spend a lot of time together but as with all families, we have our fair share of disagreements.

Ma & Me

Ma & Me will be a category that describes life as an adult, living with mental illness and… You guessed it, with my Ma.

Life as an adult child isn’t for the faint of heart. It is truly a struggle because you are aware that you are an adult yet you are not only treated as a child, your emotions are not regulated. Its fun (meh) but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have a feeling a lot of funny, entertaining, and real will come from this category. We need something to lighten things up around here (it’s ok to agree), I apologize.

What’s even better, my Ma doesn’t read my blog (I am bitter about it but, whatever) and so I can talk shit about her…!! Bahahahahaha. Keyword, I. There are a lot of things that make living with your parent, as an adult, challenging.

Stay tuned.


I have always wanted to have a dialogue type series here on R.O.E. but never really knew how I wanted to present it. Well, here it is… Letter143. These are letters to myself, family and friends in real time. I will write what comes to mind, when it comes to mind and publish them immediately.

I created a page that can be found as a drop down from the home directory button, basically explaining what Letter143 is. I would like each post to be found there so if you know how to do that, HELP. 🙂 Would I set it as a parent page and then each post that is a Letter143 set as a what? These post will be simply be titled the date in which it were written. I will consider this aspect of my blog as my online diary, of sorts.

Oh yeah…

Posting hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind as of late. I’m not burned out or remotely considering quitting, I have shifted my energy toward creating. My projects are built upon and require things to be decorated before assembly and again as a whole piece.

I have quite a few things ready to sell, I just haven’t found made the time to take photos. Previously I created a page that displayed a few items but I realized I wasn’t impressed with how the photos turned out. So… I deleted the page and made the decision to wait until I could make them visually appealing (graphically) before posting them again.

I have props. I have the products. So all we are waiting on is me.

Imagine that.

If you are not subscribed to receive my newsletter, JUST DO IT already! 🙂

P.S. I have lots of ideas floating around in this head of mine. They are only ideas at the moment but as, if, or when something becomes of them, subscribers are the first to know. Don’t be left out and keep up with the happenings here on R.O.E. No spamming… No sales gimmicks. Just little insiders… You know you wanna!! Where do you do so? 5 seconds after you are on this site, a slider pops out from the right side of your screen. To receive the newsletter, you enter your email address in the box provided. Easy peasy.

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