Revenge of Eve

Your Intro to the World

My Precious Child

I am not certain if you will read these posts or if I will invite you to but the one thing I am certain of is the love I hold for you. ❤


At the time this post is published, you were born 17 years ago

*alarm* 4 am

I packed your hospital bag as though we were going on a week-long vacation. Stuffed with socks, rags, your coming home outfit, 5 other outfits, bottles, a paci… I was prepared and then some.

On the way to the hospital, I kept repeating, ” I’m not nervous at all… You’d think I’d be nervous, but I’m not..”…

And then I was admitted and instructed to go to the bathroom to put on my gown and while I did that, your dad was sent to complete some paperwork on a different floor. As soon as I dropped my clothes I stood there trembling as tears streamed down my face and I said the words, ” I want my momma”, out loud.

Hours later, I would become a mother myself. The joy I felt in those moments is indescribable. Pure, unfiltered, not forced.. Happiness. For the first (and only) time, I cried tears of joy.

Revenge of Eve

Surrounded by love, those who came to wait for your arrival, brought Mardi Gras beads, ordered pizza in the lobby, and frantically paced in and out of my labor room. I posed for pictures with an oxygen mask on until the doctor kicked everyone out (approximately 8 centimeters). My two best friends were in the room and at one point I see, through my lifted legs, a camera strap flying over the doctors head. With a friend at each foot…we have the pictures of your raw entrance. Not per request! Lol

There was indeed a celebration the day you graced us with your beautiful soul. I can hardly believe that I have a child 17-years old! Where did the time go?  Last time I looked you were in diapers wearing plastic heels, clicking through our house. 

Revenge of Eve

At 3:19 pm, February 6, 2002, you were weighed in at a whopping 5 pounds and 12 ounces. From the moment you were born, I have felt whole. You have taught me more than I imagined I could learn from a little person.  You singlehandedly push me to be the best version of myself.  Your quiet demeanor captivates me.  I love you more each day and I am grateful to be your mother.

Happy 17th Birthday, Kid!

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  1. Goes by so fast, doesn’t it? My oldest is now 16, but it seems like yesterday that I was becoming a clueless first-time dad. I remember thinking of the nurse that brought us out, “Wait! You’re just letting us leave?” I hadn’t no clue what the hell we were in for. It’s a blessing though. Hope she has a great birthday. 😊

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