Revenge of Eve

Here’s the Plan, Man

Here's tha Plan Man- Revenge of Eve
Here's the Plan-Revenge of Eve


Two things come to mind when I hear or see the month February. The most important of the two is Kid’s birthday (This will be everyone’s second birthday with her). Last year we celebrated by throwing a small shindig at a local Mardi Gras (2nd Feb thought) parade. For whatever reason, parties aren’t her gig. So.. Momma came up with her own way to celebrate her.

For the month of February, Revenge of Eve will be themed, centered around my daughter!! All post will be dedicated to her and/or about her. I think this is a wonderful way to celebrate her.


These post will visit way back when. She graced us with her presence at 3:19 pm, February 6, 2002. It was a Wednesday and the coldest day of the year. I am going to dig through storage in hopes of finding her baby book.

I bought the newspaper on the day she was born and clipped the weather, hers and ours (me & her dads) horoscopes, along with the prices of gas and a few other things for reference. She has always loved looking at her baby book. She gets a twinkle in her eye and a smile takes over her face. ❀ I am gonna dig and dig until I find it. I am excited about this trip down memory lane. Eek!


As far as goals for this month go, I’m not sweat’n too many. I will set my goal at one and it will be my ultimate goal; Define Who I Am

I will approach this as each day arrives. I’m gonna keep journaling and try to dig a little deeper. Part of loving myself is to look after my mental state as well as my physical state. I will make appointments to see the eye doctor, the gyno, and find a therapist and make an appointment.

More Life News

I got my second job back. Yes, I am going back to the same bar except for this time, I will speak up when or if I feel like boundaries have been crossed. This means not excusing someone’s behavior because they drank too much. Once you build a repertoire with bar patrons, if they are good to you, you go back. The crowd at this particular bar are pretty awesome (most of them).

Lately, I have done my best to observe one of our managers at my casino job. She approaches people well. I may have discussed working on my delivery before but I somehow to dropped that from my radar. I am really going to learn how to verbalize my boundaries, when necessary, without offending the other party. I suck at communication with strangers. I do not know how to have a small talk. I am awkward. You can ask the girls at work. They mess with me about it.

My problem has always been holding it in and given the chance, I use my words. They stream out of my mouth like hot lava spewing from a volcano and their power tends to linger like the lava that flows into the valley. I do not want to do that because my intention is never to hurt someone’s feelings but I must realize when they go into territory I defend.

On a more personal note

I know among bloggers we can form a bond and circles. I would love to open my circle of blogging buddies and invite anyone who has a question about anything mental health-related, that loves stationery, has a question about blogging (literally no question is a stupid question), new to the scene and would like to have an opportunity to guest post about mental health, creativity, journaling, arts and crafts, relationships…. Chime in!!! My circle of friends is amazing!! So supportive and encouraging. Really!! Don’t believe me? Follow along on our journeys, comment, and we will do the same… We love this shit! πŸ˜‚

That about wraps it up.


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