Revenge of Eve

2019: Week Five Challenge

Revenge of Eve- Week Five Challenge

Hey, dolls!

*crickets* I apologize for not being as active as I usually am. I have stayed busy making all kinds of things that I cannot wait to share (once I do the damn photo shoot). My usual schedule of posting on Mondays and Thursdays hasn’t been adhered to as much I would like but… That’s life. I will be going out of town later this afternoon so let’s get the ball roll’n!

Revenge of Eve- Week Five Challenge
Lost? Get the 4-11

Week Five’s List:

List the best choices you have made in your life so far.

Take action: Take five minutes each morning this week to reflect on your list before you start your day. You have so much to take joy in; trust in your inner wisdom.

  1. First and foremost credit the author of the book: Moorea Seal because legally, you have to and morally because you don’t wanna be a shitty person. Her work is copyright
  2. Link to the beautiful post I publish each week Don’t know how? Ask and I will explain. Invite your friends. Let’s have happy feeds in 2019. Can you imagine the mental health community…happy? It would be a beautiful thing. Why? because we fuck’n deserve it.
  3. Use the hashtag #52HappyLists and #achallengeforhappiness, please
  4. And last but not least…. enjoy this challenge. Integrate it into your life. Allow it to make small changes in your day, welcome it. We are worth it ya’ll and that is what I have come to know in my heart. Every one of us is worthy, including me

Okay.. I have to admit, Im not feeling this book like I thought I would. It doesn’t challenge me per se. I don’t see it having much more of a future here on R.O.E. I realized that I prefer to do more original content as far as a challenge goes. And lists to bring happiness…?? seems fruitless. With that said this challenge will be the last from the book. That’s not to say I will not come up with a new challenge. In fact, I will mimic the list idea but I will put a spin on it. 🙂 Give me the week to think about how I’ll add some Candace flare to it.

My making of products is such a process and one that requires many layers of work. Cutting, embellishing, binding, folding, gluing, and once all of those have been completed, dry time. I do have a few products ready but I am beginning to notice that maybe I am not. I haven’t made the time to do a photo shoot and we make time for what we want in life, right? I want to sell the items I just have a picture in my head of how I will present them and Im not there….yet. I need to get my ass in gear because I need to make my money back but I will not put them up until I am ready.

Life seems to be truck’n along just fine for me at the moment. Kid has a play-off game in a town about 2 hours away. They won their first play-off game Friday in Baton Rouge which was exciting as hell. I will keep my fingers crossed that anxiety doesn’t move in this game. That’s the weird thing about anxiety, its timing. Instead of wasting my time preparing for something that may not happen, I will focus on enjoying the drive and cheering the team on.

As far as last weeks list, the things that get me out of my head, would be…. no such thang!

Stay tuned..

Peace Out~

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