Revenge of Eve

2019: 52 Week List Challenge

52 Week Challenge-Revenge of Eve


Yesterday was Monday and it slipped my mind to post this week’s list!! Like, it literally never crossed my mind. Not once. I apologize if any of you were waiting and I hope you were not holding your breath! Without further ado, week four’s list…

Week Four – 52 Week List Challenge

List the things that get you out of your head

Take action: Plan an hour or two this week to do one or a few of these things that put your mind at peace.

2019 Challenge-Revenge of Eve

Don’t Forget:

  • First and foremost credit the author of the book: Moorea Seal because legally, you have to and morally because you don’t wanna be a shitty person. Her work is copyright
  • Link to the beautiful post I publish each week Don’t know how? Ask and I will explain. Invite your friends. Let’s have happy feeds in 2019. Can you imagine the mental health community…happy? It would be a beautiful thing. Why? because we fuck’n deserve it.
  • Use the hashtag #52HappyLists and #achallengeforhappiness, please
  • And last but not least…. enjoy this challenge. Integrate it into your life. Allow it to make small changes in your day, welcome it. We are worth it ya’ll and that is what I have come to know in my heart. Every one of us is worthy, including me.

Last weeks list was better than the week before.

On my list of things I am really good at, I listed 7 things. I wouldn’t say I am really good at anything per se but I do these well:

  • Bartend
  • Wait tables
  • write
  • observation
  • Uno (card game lol)
  • I have good hand-eye coordination
  • connecting with children

Of all of these, there is only one that I would say comes naturally and that is my connection with kids. I have always loved children and find them much easier to deal with compared to their adult counterparts. Writing comes easy, however, I can see how it has improved with practice.

How about you? What things are you naturally good at?

I plan to do all in my power to have a reflective week. For nearly three week’s things were off track. I am not going to let that get me down. I started the reorganizing of my studio and plan to complete it this week. I found that having my personal materials in with the materials I use for selling items I get distracted from the task at hand. I have separated 80% of it and love the way it is coming together, so much so, you can expect a post on it soon.

I hope everyone has a good week! Toodles ~

Candace Lynne - Revenge of Eve

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