Revenge of Eve

Showing tha Love

Showing Support-Revenge of Eve

Supporting Others

When Possible

Reading Joy Roses post has me nostalgic and reminded me of how good it feels to receive support. Ya know, blogger to blogger support. We create series and ask others to participate and when just one other blogger does, it lifts your spirits. Small acts like commenting and emails loaded with encouraging words have the potential to brighten someone’s week! Any gesture that acknowledges we are being heard satisfies our souls. Perhaps you can show the love by reaching out to a blogger you admire and tell them what it is they do that inspires you.

Showing Support-Revenge of Eve

I’ve received an astounding amount of support from (cue shout outs) in no particular order:

Ashley: MentalHealth@Home

Beckie: Beckies Mental Mess

Cyranny: Cyranny’s Cove


Carol Anne: Therapy Bits

Amy: Amy Westphal

Trina: Its Good to be Crazy Sometimes

A new blogger who I enjoy reading and share similar interests with is Suzi at My Colourful Life

Supporting Joy

Do ya’ll remember Mad Libs?

Mad Libs are where you ask someone else for nouns, verbs, adjectives, exclamations, etc.  and you fill in the blanks with their answers to make a story, which many times ends up being crazy.


“Earlier this afternoon I was happily  …….. (verb) . Time passed and later I  looked at the ….(noun) and knew I had to go. I got ready to go and then bent down to pick up our  …..  ( adjective)  ….. (noun) when I suddenly felt  ….(describe a feeling)  shoot through my ….  (noun)  and  ( a word that you yell! ) came out of my mouth! Now here I sit with a ….(noun)  on my (noun). “

ok, fill in the blanks. I am going to do so blindly by counting the number of words and grouping them like.. I need 3 verbs and two nouns (example) I will write the words on a sheet of paper 🙂 Annnd thennn I will plug them in to create a story.

Showing Support-Revenge of Eve
actual list

Mad Lib

“Earlier this afternoon I was happily running . Time passed and later I  looked at the car and knew I had to go. I got ready to go and then bent down to pick up our delicate bed when I suddenly felt  calm shoot through my flower and DAMN came out of my mouth! Now here I sit with a toe  on my son. “

Bahahahaha.. That was pretty funny and so was participating. If ya want, play along or show your support however you’d like.

Love Y’all like a fat kid loves cake

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