Revenge of Eve

2019: 52 Week Challenge Week Two

Week Two- Revenge of Eve

Hey ladies and gents. I am looking forward to change weeks and let last week go! It was a rough one for me. I hope everything went well for all of you.

Week Two- Revenge of Eve

If you are just joining us, you have made it in perfect time. We are only on week two! What is the challenge? Well as part of my learning to love myself process, I purchased a book that is guided and geared towards finding your happiness through lists. Now I know that happiness is fleeting and it will take much more than creating lists to find it, But I am hopeful that every little bit helps.

Week Two- Revenge of Eve

52 Week Challenge: Week Two

List the routines in your personal life and work

Take Action: Circle all of the routines that bring you joy, and cross out all the routines you dislike. What is it about the circled routines that bring you joy?

  1. First and foremost credit the author of the book: Moorea Seal because legally, you have to and morally because you don’t wanna be a shitty person. Her work is copyright
  2. Link to the beautiful post I publish each week Don’t know how? Ask and I will explain. Invite your friends. Let’s have happy feeds in 2019. Can you imagine the mental health community…happy? It would be a beautiful thing. Why? because we fuck’n deserve it.
  3. Use the hashtag #52HappyLists and #achallengeforhappiness, please
  4. And last but not least…. enjoy this challenge. Integrate it into your life. Allow it to make small changes in your day, welcome it. We are worth it ya’ll and that is what I have come to know in my heart. Every one of us is worthy, including me.

Last week we were instructed to list the things that make us happy, right now. In the beginning of the week I had very few listed. As I went throughout my week I began to notice things that made me smile. I would go back to my list and add them, giving me a total of 14 things that make me happy.

  • Writing/blogging
  • collecting paper
  • Kid’s smile
  • Stickers
  • my site
  • shopping
  • creating artwork
  • watercolor painting
  • mobility
  • sunshine
  • dreaming
  • music
  • J baby, my pup
  • My niece and nephew
Candace Lynne - Revenge of Eve

6 replies to “2019: 52 Week Challenge Week Two

  1. Those are all such wonderful things to be happy about. I don’t have a Twitter account, nor do I want one. However the things I guess I am most happy about:
    1. My brother is in a shelter with a roof and warm bed to sleep in.
    2. Allowing my creative juices to flow. (Attempting to write more poetry.
    3. Blogging in general.
    4. Reading other’s entries and enjoying them immensely.
    5. Although my Mom is back in the hospital, I am so happy that she is being taken care of by an outstanding nurse and doctors.
    6. My little parrot “Peanut” bringing me such joy and sharing lovey kisses. As weird as it might sound, he is quite cuddly when he wants to be.
    7. Being friends with so many bloggers… Just like you!

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